These are the amounts of your pensions after the 2022 indexation. This is how your benefit can change [12.09.21]

We have the amounts of pensions after the indexation in 2022. According to the announcements of the rulers, the indexation of pensions next year may be high. And this means further increases for seniors. See how much you can gain.

The indexation of pensions always takes effect on the first day of March of each year. This is when retirees receive a higher benefit. How will it be this year?

According to the first forecasts, the indexation was to be at the level of 104 percent. Meanwhile, even more positive news is coming from the government. Indexation index may even reach 104.89 percent.

– The draft budget for 2022 includes the indexation of pensions in the amount of 104.89%, and the indexation is planned for March 1, 2022 – said the deputy head of the finance ministry, Sebastian Skuza at a press conference.

How is pensions indexed? In March, the pension increases by the indexation index, which includes the inflation of products and services, as well as by 20%. an increase in the average salary.

Let us remind you that this is not the only benefit that seniors will feel in 2022. In the so-called The Polish Lada was also recorded introduction of pensions without tax. As a result, the benefit may increase even more.



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