These are the 5 biggest nail trends on Instagram for spring 2021

Even if we still love black, red and white as real classics on the nails, things can now be a little more exciting in terms of nail polish and nail design in spring. Plus: with an extensive manicure, you can switch off and let your creativity run free. And when we look at the dominant nail trends on Instagram, it gets colorful and you can let off steam. But real classics are also being reissued.

The French manicure is and remains a real nail design favorite. But the classic is definitely not worn like it was in the 90s and 2000s. We remember it as if it were yesterday: an angular shape, an unnatural pink base and each nail is adorned with a white tip. The modern French manicure, on the other hand, shines in bright colors and the nail tip no longer has to be monotonous. The angular shape is now oval or almond shaped. And for the base, we prefer to use clear varnish so that the natural nail shines through.

Rainbow nails were already a real nail trend on Instagram last year. This year we prefer the more subtle version in pastel tones. The principle is simple: paint each nail in a different pastel color of your choice. The trend can be perfectly combined with the Modern French nail trend.

Blue is THE nail polish color for spring 2021. It doesn’t matter whether it is applied to the whole nail or partially. We prefer to wear light blue tones that are nevertheless intense, i.e. have a small amount of white, so that they don’t look too pastel. Because the blue can definitely shine and be conspicuous.

Admittedly, you need a steady hand for this nail trend. For the fine lines it is worth using a very fine and narrow brush. A simple brush from the paint box can do this. Use a small plate or cling film to help you and put a drop of the nail polish color on it. This will prevent you from picking up too much nail polish from the bottle with the brush and blurring the line when you draw it.

Is it too time-consuming to conjure up flowers on your nails? Wrong, because it’s actually really super easy, quick and just screaming for spring. The flowers are dabbed on and of course you need the right tool so that it doesn’t go wrong. Good News: You probably already have it at home anyway. Because you can simply dip the back of a narrow makeup brush or the ends of a bobby pin into the nail polish and then dab dots on the nails.

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