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These are the 12 most popular electric cars in Switzerland

12th Mercedes EQC, 152 sales, rank 239

Only in the second half of the year did Mercedes his E-SUV EQC Sent into the race and won 152 customers for it. This puts the German Stromer in 239th place among the most popular cars in Switzerland and beats for example the provocative BMW X6,

11. Hyundai Ioniq Electric, 171 sales, ranked 233

What a success for Hyundai. With 171 sales, over half of all 309 decide Ioniq-Customers for the electric version, The compact sedan is also available as a hybrid and plug-in hybrid. Only the Electric alone reached number 233 on the charts, before the Bentley Continental GT,

10.Jaguar I-Pace, 444 sales, rank 172

With the I-Pace Jaguar was the first premium brand to challenge Tesla. With 444 sales last year, that’s enough the car of the year 2019 but not to beat the US pioneer. But he is more popular with place 172 in the sales hit parade the Subaru Outback,

9.Tesla Model S, 505 sales, rank 161

The Jaguar doesn’t lack much on the first Tesla. The model S is almost within striking distance with 505 sales. The Model S helped the electricity pioneer Tesla to make a breakthrough, it is now the weakest performing model in the offer of the Americans. Nevertheless, place 161 can still go ahead the much cheaper hybrid Kia Niro let see.

8.Tesla Model X, 528 sales, rank 157

Only a few copies separate the two Tesla flagships from each other. With 528 new customers the SUV Van Model X not only lightly in front of the sedan, but also strikes the new Skoda Kamiq, The Model X waves from rank 157 of the sales charts this year.

7.Nissan Leaf, 536 sales, rank 154

The world’s best-selling electric car in 2018 is not even enough for the top 5 electric cars in Switzerland. And leaves with 536 sales the Nissan Leaf the two old Tesla rocks just behind. For this he is still at rank 154 the legendary G-Class from Mercedes,

6.VW e-Golf, 621 sales, rank 142

Tried and tested also pulls electrically. As an electric version, the VW Golf is not at the top, but it beats established electric cars like the Nissan Leaf or the two Tesla models S and X.621 e-Golf went to the man last year, however VW also bought it with big discounts, Result: Rank 142 in the charts, still ahead the upcoming bestseller Skoda Scala,

5. Audi E-Tron, 683 sales, rank 135

It seems that Audi’s advertising campaign has paid off. The E-SUV E-Tron found 683 customers in the first year, although it only started in spring. With 135th place in the most popular Swiss cars, it even beats the popular family van Opel Zafira,

4.Hyundai Kona Electric, 854 sales, 125th

Hyundai is the only brand besides Tesla more than once among the most popular electric cars in Switzerland. The Kona Electric scratches with 854 sales not only on the limit of 1000 sales, but also on the podium. Even more impressive: he shares 125th place the iconic Porsche 911!

3.BMW i3, 1082 sales, rank 101

In 2018 it was still the most popular Stromer in Switzerland. A year later is enough the BMW i3 only for 3rd place. With 1082 sales, almost 20 i3 more went to the man than in 2018. With rank 101 it is not quite enough for the top 100 of the sales charts, but it does the Mazda CX-3 to leave behind.

2.Renault Zoe, 1804 sales, rank 55

What a final sprint of the first generation Renault Zoe, It only started at the end of November the second edition and yet the Zoe almost doubled its previous year’s result. 1804 Zoe were sold last year. What puts him at number 55 in the hit parade is still ahead the Audi A1,

1.Tesla Model 3, 5028 sales, rank 4

With a huge lead – over twice as many sales as the second-placed Zoe – is the Tesla Model 3 the most popular electric car in Switzerland. Missed with 5028 sold vehicles the Swiss car of 2020 even barely the podium of the most popular cars in Switzerland.


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