These are four herbs that are good to consume for your skin health


JAKARTA – Herbs or spices have been believed to be traditional medicines, and alternatives to cure or relieve various diseases. But do you know, herbal also good for skin health.

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As reported Times of IndiaHere are four herbs that are good for consumption: skin health You.


Cinnamon is widely used as an ingredient in food and beverage mixtures. Made from cinnamon bark, this type of herb is believed to reduce the risk of diabetes, to prevent inflammation.

It turns out that cinnamon is also useful for beauty treatments. This herb can improve blood circulation, and get rid of acne.

Black Cumin

Black cumin has long been known as one of the spices used to add aroma and taste to a dish. Often called Black Seed, this black seed has various health benefits.

In addition to being enjoyed as an addition to dishes, cumin is also good for skin care to be more beautiful. That is, the advantage is that it can prevent premature aging, because it contains vitamin E.


This type of herbal root is commonly used to warm the body, prevent and cure colds, to increase endurance.

Ginger is also useful for removing blemishes on the skin, due to acne scars, spots and other problems that commonly occur on the skin.


Chamomile (chamomile) is a flower plant that has been widely used to treat stomach pain and as a mild sedative. Usually mixed into steeping tea.

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It turns out that this flower is also beneficial for skin health, which can help reduce fine lines or wrinkles because of the alpha-bisabolol content in it.


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