These Are Dozens of Indonesian Startups Called Soonicorn

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Rows of startups or startup from Indonesia who is getting closer to status unicorn continues to increase. Para startup this is referred to as soonicorn, compound words of soon (soon) and unicorn.

Indonesia already has a lot of candidates unicorn, which usually starts to be highlighted after breaking the US$ 100 million valuation and being labeled centaur.

The closest company to unicorn are those whose valuation is already above US$ 500 million. They are Finaccel which is the parent company of Kredivo, Sociolla, Ula, Lumma, and GudangAda. The six companies accompany Ruangguru whose valuation has exceeded US$ 500 million from several years earlier.

In the category with a valuation range of US$ 250 million to US$ 500 million, there are three new companies. Pluang, Bibit, and Shipper appeared with Modalku, Pasarpolis, and Halodoc who had already reached that valuation.

As for, unicorn is a term given to startup which has a valuation exceeding US$ 1 billion or around Rp. 14.3 trillion.

According to a report from venture capital firm Cento Ventures, in addition to Bukalapak and Goto, who have long been awarded the unicorn title, there are Ajaib, Akulaku, Codapay and Xendit. They are on the new list of startups with unicorn status from Indonesia.

In addition, there is Traveloka, which is placed by Cento Ventures as an agent startup regional because the online travel agency company already operates in many countries.

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