these Apple Watches come at a bargain price

These offers are unmissable and will delight technology lovers.
Powerful and certainly the hottest connected watches of the moment, these apple watch see their prices plummet on Black Friday. Smart like real smartphones, Apple Watches have the advantage of being able to accompany you everywhere, of being connected with a simple wave of the hand.

Ideal for measuring your sports performance, monitoring heart rate or sleep and having access to your favorite applications at your fingertips, Apple Watches also allow you to receive calls and messages in the same way as a smartphone. Lightweight and ergonomic, they add a touch of style to your wrists and shine with their ultra-clear, bright touch screen.
To celebrate this week of Black Friday, Amazon is slashing the price of these Apple Watches, the opportunity to pack your Christmas presents without breaking the bank.

Apple Watch SE 1st generation, €269 instead of €279


Apple Watch Series 7, €499 instead of €559


Apple Watch Series 6, €669 instead of €729


Stainless steel band for Apple Watch Series 7, €739 instead of €829

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