These ancient coins are worth a lot: that’s what they are

There are so many people who inquire about ancient coins, wondering, for example, which ones are worth more. If you are wondering about it, in the next few lines you can find some valuable information about it.


Coins of the Savoy kingdom

When talking about ancient coins that are worth a lot, it is important to refer to those dating back to the period of the Savoy kingdom. Naming them means calling into question numerous alternatives. A few examples? The 10 shields dating back to the regency of Carlo Emanuele II.

Old lire

Discussing coins from which you can earn also means dwelling on the lire. Almost 20 years have passed since the currency in question is no longer used in Italy. Looking in drawers can always be a good idea! Some of them, in fact, can be really worth a lot! A few examples? The 10 lire dating back to 1947, the value of which can reach 4000 euros. To recognize them when you take a look at the bottom of the drawers, it is good to remember that these are coins characterized by the presence, on the effigy, of the figure of a winged horse.

Continuing with the list of ancient coins that can be worth a lot and remaining in the field of lire, we can refer to the 5 lire of 1946. In this case, we are talking about coins that can be worth up to 1200 euros. Going forward with the years, we find the 200 lire with the word “test” dating back to 1977, which can be worth up to 800 euros each.
No doubt about it: the currency that accompanied us until 2002, today as it is today, can be worth a lot. Our journey through history also takes us to 1954, in an Italy traversed by the enthusiasm of the economic boom. The 10 lire of that year, if well preserved, have a value of about 70 euros each.

Criteria for defining the value of an ancient coin

Knowing which ancient coins are worth the most is important. However, it is essential to know the criteria that help define value. Here are the main references regarding conservation:

  • Brilliant Uncirculated, i.e. coins that have never been in circulation and that show at most signs of contact with other coins during production.
  • Splendid, i.e. coins that have been circulating for an extremely short period of time.
  • Beautiful, coins that, even if they have circulated and show small signs of wear, have a perfectly legible effigy.
  • Very nice, that is coins that have circulated a lot, quite worn and characterized by unreadable parts.
  • Nice, coins with some of the pads worn.
  • Discreet, almost totally smooth but still recognizable coin.

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