These 6 Conversation Trends on Twitter, Can Help Promote Your Business


Twitter as a place to share, has summarized 6 trending conversations for three years.

Nextren’s Report, Zihan Fajrin. – Twitter today (16/9) gave their insight about train conversation on the platform.

Exactly there are 6 train conversations were studied for three years, namely in July 2018 to June 2021.

Train conversation shared by Twitter can also be used seller to offer goods on the platform.

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People come to Twitter to see what’s going on.

Starting from the latest news, hobbies, to various topics that match their interests.

By analyzing Tweets over the past three years, Twitter explore the conversations that occur in Indonesia.

Starting from what is discussed to various train conversations that have surfaced recently.

The findings of the analysis are contained in the Report TwitterTrends Indonesia which you can see on the next page.


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