These 5 Protein Foods Must Be Consumed For Those Of You Who Have Just Recovered From Covid-19

Illustration of a beef trader being sold at the SS Klender market stall, East Jakarta. (Source: KOMPAS/IWAN SETIYAWAN)

SOLO, KOMPAS.TV- Those of you who have just recovered after being exposed to Covid-19 must pay close attention to their diet and consumption of nutritious foods.

The reason is, after being declared cured of Corona virus infection, some people experience decreased immunity.

However, don’t worry. A number of foods, especially protein, must be consumed for those who have just recovered from Covid-19.

As is known, exposure to Covid-19 causes excessive stress, slows digestive, immunological, and reproductive functions.

Impaired immune function is usually caused by a lack of protein.

Proteins play an important role and can be a powerful differentiator in reactions.

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Launch Times of India, Tuesday (27/7/2021), here are some high protein foods that you should consume after being declared cured of Covid-19:

1. Red Meat

Red meat from animals that are fed organic grass and raised without the use of chemicals or hormones is high in amino acids and various intestinal healing elements.

This is certainly good for those of you who have been infected with Covid-19.

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