These 5 Mobile Legends (ML) Heroes will be OP in the Latest Patch Update! |

These 5 Mobile Legends (ML) Heroes will be OP in the Latest Patch Update!

Moonton has just updated the latest patch which can be considered quite massive by doing buffs and nerfs to heroes and items in Mobile Legends.

Of course, with this fairly large update, it will affect the META in the game, one of which is the hero that will be used often.

Usually the heroes that are often used are heroes whose abilities are considered quite OP in the game after the latest update.

Therefore, it is important to know what heroes will be very OP in this latest update.

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In this update, Balmond really gets a pretty significant buff after his skills have a relatively short cooldown.

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Both skill 2 and Balmond’s ultimate will now be used frequently, therefore it will be difficult to kill Balmond because he has a fairly good regeneration.


Minotaur Mobile Legends
Foto via wallpapercave

For Minotaur users, of course, this update is quite fun for all of you after the revamp some time ago didn’t really have an impact on this one hero.

In this update, you could say it will be easy for you to collect Minotaur’s rage because the hero gets an increase in the form of rage obtained when hitting non-Heroes.


lucky spin zhask

Had disappeared from circulation because of a bug, now Zhask is back in Mobile Legends. After being repaired, in fact he was not hit by a nerf but instead got a buff.

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When using an ulti that has previously used skill 1 (mini Johnny), then Big Johnny who comes out will have a HP of 1000-3000 and of course it will make it difficult for the opponent.


new phoveus mobile legends mlbb hero
Sumber: UHD Wallpaper

Unlike the other new heroes in Mobile Legends, although he is still a fairly new hero, he is rarely used in the game.

With the increase in magic damage as well as the reduction of CD to the hero, of course it is not impossible that this hero will be a snatch.


Yve Mobile Legends
Photo via Coil

One of the things that is quite annoying from Yve is that his shield is quite thick when using his ultimate because it will be difficult to kill the hero in Real World Manipulation mode.

Now the shield has experienced a significant increase and additional magic power which of course will make this hero again a priority pick or ban in Mobile Legends.

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