These 4 countries could ‘shiver’ if they don’t get Russian gas


Russia began to stop supplying natural gas to several countries. In the past few weeks, Gazprom, the Russian-owned gas company, has stopped delivering gas to its customer countries.

Vladimir Putin has previously threatened to cut off gas supplies to a country he deems unfriendly. Quoted from The Guardian, Saturday (2/7/2022), Gazprom has stopped supply at the European natural gas line, Nord Stream by 60%.

If Russia realizes its threat, many countries in Europe will be in trouble. These countries are highly dependent on Russian gas supplies.

Plans to cut off Russian natural gas supplies close to winter. The Guardian said that Europe would find it difficult to source replacement gas, because Russia is the supplier of 40% of European gas.

1. Germany

Quoted from Reuters, Russia is Russia’s main supplier of natural gas. Germany imports about 142 billion cubic meters of Russian gas in 2021.

Germany’s dependence on Russian gas increased after the government began reducing nuclear power plants in the country and eliminating the use of coal. As a result, Germany only uses gas and renewable energy as an alternative.

In addition, many homes in Germany use gas for heating. Germany’s manufacturing sector is one of the largest in Europe, with high fuel consumption.

The savings made by Germany seem difficult to meet the gas needs that have been supplied by Russia. Finding alternative sources in the short term is also difficult to achieve.

2. Poland

Based on data from Eurostats, Russia meets Poland’s natural gas needs by about 45%. This means that almost half of the gas supply in the country comes from Russia.

Although not as high as other European countries, Poland has become a country that is politically and politically supportive of Ukraine’s position. While Putin said he would take revenge against countries that are not friendly.

3. Bulgaria

Launching The Guardian, Bulgaria is very vulnerable to its gas dependence from Russia. It is estimated that the country imports about 73% of natural gas from Russia.

Relations between Russia and Bulgaria have been heating up lately. Recently, the Russian ambassador to Bulgaria asked Moscow to expel the Bulgarian ambassador from his country.

However, Bulgaria has a backup pipeline connected to Greece, which is planned for later this year. This is a signal that Bulgaria is looking for gas reserves from other countries.

4. Austria

Quoting Oreanda, Austrian Energy Minister Leonore Gewessler said his country was in a tense position. The reason is that the gas supply in Austria is still far from the target set.

Gas supply in Austia for winter preparation has only been filled at around 44.7%, far from the target of around 80%. “Russia uses the energy supply as a weapon,” said Gewessler.

According to Gewessler, Austria will look for other alternatives from Israel starting in 2023. He also said that his country is preparing a scenario related to stopping Russia’s gas supply.

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