These 3 Secrets of India Lowering Corona Cases by 8 Times

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – India a few months ago experienced a very significant Covid-19 tsunami wave. The increase in daily cases in the country which reached 400,000 per day had made health facilities completely paralyzed with dying patients waiting for oxygen cylinders and beds running low.

But now the country of Bollywood has begun to be able to control the rate of the wave of infection. On Thursday (24/6/2021) India only reported 54,000 daily cases of Covid-19 or eight times lower than during the tsunami of infections last month.

Then what’s the secret?

To CNBC Indonesia former Director of WHO Southeast Asia 2018-2021, who once had an office in New Delhi India, Prof. Tjandra Yoga Aditama, gave a number of explanations. At least, he said, there are three reasons.

“First, when cases increase sharply in India then some regions or states carry out various levels of social restrictions,” he stressed Friday (6/25/2021).

“Some have greatly tightened 3 M, which in India is called 3 W that is wear a mask, wash your hand, watch the distance. Then there are those who limit activities by imposing a curfew and there are also those who lockdown partially to completely full for some time,” he explained.

According to him, if the analysis is indeed suppressing the movement of the population which has implications for cases. New Delhi, for example, began implementing the lockdown since April 17, 2021 and only eased it on May 31, when cases appeared to be under control.

“Secondly, the second thing that is being done in India is to increase the number of tests significantly,” he said.

In February 2021, before there was an increase in cases, the number of tests carried out per day once ranged between 700 and 800 thousand. Once there was an increase in cases, the number of tests was increased enormously and reached more than 2 million tests a day by May 2021.

“We know that the test has three very important benefits. First, those who are positive can be treated from a health perspective, secondly they can be isolated or self-quarantined or treated as needed, and thirdly, the chain of transmission can be broken from the positive to the surrounding community. Of course After the test, it must be followed by tracing activities (tracing) which is massive as well, “he explained.

Third, continued Prof. Tjandra, India is increasing vaccination. As cases increased, India also vaccinated on a large scale, and the number increased sharply, almost 15 times in the last few months.

“A day, up to 3 million people can be vaccinated. Of course, apart from these three major efforts, health services are also greatly strengthened in India in the months where cases are very high,” he said.

He emphasized that this can certainly be emulated in Indonesia. However, residents must strictly apply 3 M to 5 M.

“If you really have to leave the house, then do three things. One is to remain obedient to keep your distance, WHO calls it farther away from others safer than close together,” he said.

“Secondly, if you have to gather then it would be much better if it was done in the open air, open air spaces safer than enclosed spaces. If you really have to be indoors, then the recommendation is to open the window so that there is open ventilation with outside air or apply the design of the room by applying air circulation technology appropriately,”

“The third is to reduce the length of time when you have to be outside the house, which is called shorter time periods with others are safer.”

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