These 2 Things Help Elderly Overcome Fragility and Vulnerability, Nutrition and Exercise

In addition to nutrition, Antonius Andi Kurniawan, a sports medicine specialist also said that exercise is one of the complements so that the elderly can remain active everyday.

“Despite the concerns surrounding older adults who exercise, the health benefits of an active lifestyle far outweigh the risks,” Antonius said.

He said the elderly may indeed need a longer time to heal or recover in the event of an injury. But according to him, they are advised to exercise with light intensity to stay strong and active.

“The elderly need 30 minutes every day to do sports, where the combination of movements can be for flexibility, cardio, muscle strength and balance,” he concluded.

Keeping the body healthy and fit in old age is not only good for physical health but also emotional.

Staying active is a way to help maintain independence in the elderly, as well as help lower the risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, depression, or dementia.



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