These 2 euros from 2007 are even worth € 15,000: PHOTOS

The euro began to spread exactly 20 years ago in our country and in almost all the nations that previously chose to adhere to the standard of the single community currency. Although relatively few years have passed since the “transition” between old and new currency, the adaptation was not easy also because money is much more than a simple tool. However, some issues were “accepted” much faster than others, due to the similarity with previous issues: the 2 euro coin is in fact bimetallic as were the 500 lire issues.

These 2 euros from 2007 are even worth € 15,000: PHOTOS

Even if the value and the historical context are different, the 2 euros immediately captured the attention of enthusiasts also because it is the most valuable metal coin. Since 2004, the European Central Bank has “inaugurated” the concept of commemorative coins that use the format in question for this form of issues which today are more than 400: these are 2 euro coins minted in particular years especially to commemorate characters , dates and events of particular historical importance.

The first commemorative coin minted by the principality of Monaco dates back to 2007, and is probably the most famous and coveted one: it is recognizable by the profile face of Princess Grace Kelly, actress and later wife of Ranieri of Monaco, who died prematurely at the age of 56 in 1982 due to a road accident. The small Monegasque state, 25 years after the tragic event, has decided to pay homage to the princess with this series of particularly exclusive coins, which as per tradition, if on the one hand it is identical to any 2 euro issue, on the other it is precisely recognizable for the effigy of the former Hollywood actress.

The value reflects exclusivity: in fact most of the issues were sold in advance, and the average value was immediately over 2500 euro. However, some of these issues were sold at auction for over 12 thousand euros, with “peaks” of over 15 thousand euros!

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