These 10 tips to avoid the flu this winter

Like every winter, the flu arrives which causes fever, chills, body aches, headaches and tiredness. However, you can avoid it with some simple tips, here they are.

While the flu virus returns every winter, the epidemic peaks are often between December and February. You can therefore take precautions to try to contain it as much as possible.

However, the best advice is to get vaccinated against the flu. Free, it helps your body build the defenses it needs to protect you from the virus.

Limit contact with sick people

It may seem obvious, but it is necessary to avoid being around sick people.

This advice is all the more important for people considered “at risk,” such as pregnant women, the elderly, young children, or people with chronic illnesses.

In the worst case, to protect you and your loved ones if they are affected, the Ministry of Health recalls that wearing a mask is strongly recommended, even when it is not Covid-19.

To wash hands

Influenza is a virus that is easily transmitted, especially through the exchange of germs. To avoid contamination, it is helpful to have a daily reflex to wash your hands.

After and before the toilet, before eating, when you get home, after transport… Washing your hands with soap and water is essential.

You can also use hand sanitizer, which should be at least 60% alcohol.

Cover your nose and mouth when sneezing or coughing

As during the pandemic, adopting the right gestures can be useful on a daily basis. So if you don’t have a tissue, you can cough into your elbow, for example.

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The goal is for a surface to absorb germs, avoiding hands since not only do you risk contaminating other surfaces or people, but also because it doesn’t protect against the proliferation of the virus in the air.

Avoid touching your face

In the same continuity as in the previous points, especially the eyes, mouth and nose, you must try to touch your face as little as possible.

Indeed, it is through these places that the flu virus enters our body, when the hands are in contact with surfaces and objects contaminated by the latter, but other viruses may also be present.

Clean and air your home

Ventilate the house, and the rooms in particular, at least 10 minutes a day to renew the air and thus allow the microbes and viruses contained in the ambient air to be driven away.

Also, when a person is sick at home, they need to ventilate more at a rate of 3 times 10 minutes every hour during the day.

Home cleaning is also required. This removes the bacteria around you for a healthier environment, especially your bags, which carry a lot of germs on them.

Eat well

To stay healthy, the immune system must be maintained and efficient. And for this it is essential to provide him with the right nutrients to meet all his needs.

Fruits and vegetables are the richest in fibre, mineral salts and vitamins, they favor a varied and balanced diet by limiting fats and sugars.

get enough sleep

Sleep plays an important role in our body and its proper functioning. It is essential to sleep at least 7 hours for the brain to regenerate, but it is preferable that the sleep frequency rises to 8 hours per night.

Since winter is a tiring season, which puts a strain on the body in the face of the cold, even going to bed early can be a good reflex to better face the long winter days.

Use essential oils

If food supplements sold in pharmacies can be of great help, essential oils should not be overlooked.

Choose those that have anti-infective and antiviral properties, strengthening your immunity.

For example, niaouli, tea tree or ravintsara oils can be combined, multiplying their effects.

Exposure to daylight

Source of vitamin D, the sun brings you many elements that are good for your health but also for your morale, essential for the correct functioning of your immune system.

If there is less sun in winter than in summer, you can still buy vitamin D vials or even have phototherapy

Get vaccinated against the flu

Finally, the best advice is to get vaccinated against the flu. Help your body build the defenses it needs to protect you from the virus.

This reduces the chances of catching the virus by 90% in adults and children.

You can get vaccinated free of charge from your doctor, but also from a pharmacy.

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