“There’s no gypsy foot here, you bastard!” – PHOTO

The businessman Tudor Toma ran away from his neighbor who moved into the next villa, because he is of Roma ethnicity. Artur Todiriu woke up with the gate blocked, after allegedly being cursed, threatened and discriminated against on racial grounds

The developer Tudor Toma is again involved in a scandal, after he woke up with a new neighbor in an area of ​​villas in Vișan village, Bârnova commune, Iasi county. It all started a few days ago, when Artur Todiriu, aged 39, moved into a villa located right next to the businessman. It should be noted that in the area there are three houses built on St. Ilie street, with a common yard. Access is common and is achieved through a gate operated with a remote control.

“I signed an agreement with the owners, the Carp family. I gave an advance of 5,000 euros. I signed a loan agreement for a period of 6 months. I intend to buy the house, it is 150,000 euros. I have a wife and three children. Recently, I worked for 3 years in Norway. Because we are a large family, we decided to move from the apartment in Tătăraşi, from Chirilă Square. I found this house. On the 10th of August we moved, we brought all the things. Then I also saw one of the neighbors, Tudor Toma. I didn’t expect what followed”, stated Artur Todiriu.

The villa consists of a ground floor of 57.73 square meters, composed of living room, bathroom, hall and terrace. The attic consists of 3 bedrooms, dressing room, bathroom and two terraces, with a usable area of ​​55.59 square meters.

Huge scandal at the villas in Bârnova commune. Artur Todiriu was kicked out by the businessman

Thinking that he was in good terms with Tudor Toma, Artur Todiriu had an unpleasant surprise on 11.08.2022, when he tried to enter the house. The remote he received for the gate stopped working. He realized that the codes had been changed. He tried to get clarifications from Tudor Toma. The latter would have become very violent in language.

“He did not allow me access to the yard, although I have the right. He started swearing at me, my wife and the kids. He told me that he has no gypsy leg here. He said he puts it in and takes it out. “I’d put p..a in your gypsy mouth, brat!”, said Artur Todiriu.

Upset that he could not enter the home, the man turned to lawyers and declared that he would use all legal means. Meanwhile, in the last few days he had to accommodate the family at a hotel in Iași. It intends to recover the sums spent from the developer Tudor Toma. Contacted by phone, Tudor Toma refused to offer a point of view. What’s more, he pretended to be someone else, after which he suddenly cut off the call. Tudor Toma is his brother Calin Tomaalso involved in real estate business, but not without problems.

Tudor Toma cleared two blocks in Bârnova

It should be noted that Tudor Toma was involved in dubious business after he managed to attract more clients. In 2009, he built two collective housing blocks in Vișan village, Bârnova commune, on St. Ilie street, no. 28. Although an apartment was worth around 100,000 euros, customers paid only 6,000 euros, after which they signed a loan agreement with the developer. loan it had to be returned in 293 equal installments, of 320 euros each, starting from 28.04.2011, until 27.09.2035. Through this scheme, Tudor Toma avoided paying profit tax and VAT. At the same time, in 2018, in the village of Vișan, in the commune of Bârnova, an old woman, aged 76, declared that she no longer had peace because of the businessman. It all started with moving a fence. Tudor Toma bought a few years ago a plot of land located between two properties to build several homes. After checking the area, he came across his neighbor, Margareta Crăescu, a potential victim, because she owned over 1.5 hectares of land.

The woman stated that she was threatened and cursed. Last but not least, Tudor Toma is known for a suspended sentence, after driving a car several times, although his license was suspended. The scandal from the villas in Bârnova commune, where the developer Tudor Toma is involved, could be settled in court.

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