“There will be other epidemics of coronavirus”

INTERVIEW – The head of the infectious diseases department at Bichat hospital believes that the fight against Covid-19 will allow the development of a vaccine against coronaviruses in general.

“Many people are afraid of vaccines, and that is nonsense. One of the reasons people don’t trust them is that they have been very effective. These people forgot that we used to die from measles. “ Jean-Christophe Marmara / JC MARMARA / LE FIGARO

On the subject of the new coronavirus, which has appeared in China, few voices are as recognized and respected as that of Professor Yazdan Yazdanpanah. Head of the infectious diseases department at Bichat hospital, in the 18e district of Paris, the doctor plays a key role: he manages the care of patients with the Covid-19 virus. Also director of the Institute of Immunology, Inflammation, Infection and Microbiology (I3M) at Inserm and expert with the World Health Organization (WHO), the specialist gives us his enlightened testimony in the face of the epidemic.

LE FIGARO.- On January 24, you said that there was a 5% to 15% chance that the virus would arrive in France. Was it an underestimate?

Professor Yazdan YAZDANPANAH.-It’s possible. I always said there would be cases in France. There will likely be small clusters (grouped human-to-human communications, Editor’s note), but will there be an epidemic here? It’s always a question mark. I must

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