There were several dollar millionaires under the corona:

The number of Norwegian dollar millionaires increased by 7.4 percent from 2020 to 2021, according to the consulting company Capgemini’s report World Wealth Report 2022.

It happened in the middle of a pandemic and a state of emergency. Deputy leader of Rødt, Marie Sneve Martinussen, thinks it is reprehensible.

– It shows in black and white that those at the top can contribute more, and that it is obvious that the taxes do not hit well enough.

Since 2016, there have been approximately 50,000 more dollar millionaires in Norway.

The report also says that Norwegian dollar millionaires increased their fortunes by 8.3 percent.

– These are dramatic numbers. It shows how crisis time is not a crisis for everyone, says Martinussen.

With 200,000 dollar millionaires, Norway is in 20th place in the number of dollar millionaires worldwide. There is one place up from 2020.

Compared to the population, Norway has almost 40 times as many dollar millionaires as Brazil, and 2.3 times as many as Sweden.

Dollar millionaire

A dollar millionaire is defined as a person who has values ​​equivalent to more than one million dollars in investable wealth, in addition to his own home.

One million dollars is equivalent to about 10 million kroner.

– Hope it contributes to rebellion

SV’s deputy leader, Kari Elisabeth Kaski, believes it must have consequences that someone became richer as a result of compensation schemes.

Kari Elisabeth Kaski (SV), says SV will do what they can to pressure the government to ensure that the richest contribute more. Photo: Frode Sunde / TV 2

– I hope it contributes to a revolt. We know that both the oil package and the compensation schemes have filled the pockets of some of the country’s richest, says Kaski.

She agrees with Martinussen that taxes must be increased for the richest.

– The figures emphasize that the differences are increasing. In addition, we know that the richest pay a smaller share of their money in taxes than ordinary people do, says Kaski.

– The government is not doing enough

Both Martinussen and Kaski are disappointed with what the government has done to reduce inequalities.

– I think this is part of the reason why the government parties are struggling in the polls. People believed in a new course, while in reality they are now being asked to show infinite patience with a view to increased expenses, says Martinussen.

Kaski believes it is now even more precarious than before to bring about changes.

– The government is too passive, but we do what we can to pressure them. We must bring about a better redistribution, says Kaski.

Result of the previous government

– These are figures from 2021, so it is Erna’s government that must be held responsible for. I’m not surprised that there were more dollar millionaires under eight years of right-wing government. The verdict on the current government, however, must come later, says Frode Jacobsen in the Labor Party’s finance committee.

Frode Jacobsen (Labor Party), believes it is too early to blame this government for there being more dollar millionaires in Norway.  Photo: Stian Lysberg Solum

Frode Jacobsen (Labor Party), believes it is too early to blame this government for there being more dollar millionaires in Norway. Photo: Stian Lysberg Solum

– Now it’s the turn of ordinary people, and I think we show that in our budget. We turn to the Conservative Party’s tax policy, says Jacobsen.

The fact that more people are earning well at the moment, Jacobsen is ready to benefit people.

– Those with large incomes and fortunes receive tax increases. However, this does not apply to people with an income below 750,000, they receive tax relief. We see that tax revenues are increasing now that we are changing the tax policy, and we will use that for better welfare services, says Jacobsen.

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