There was nothing to wait for. Dara Rolins surprised Nedvěd and the fans

In recent weeks, Dara Rolins and Pavel Nedvěd have seemed to have a long-distance relationship rather than living together. But the singer now convinces her football player and fans of the opposite. She packed her suitcases and has been enjoying love for a few days in Turin, Italy, where Nedvěd lives and works.

When the two are too long apart, their relationship gradually begins to crumble. Dara Rolins knows this well and makes sure that it doesn’t happen to her with Pavel Nedvěd. The football player lives in Italy and she lives in Prague. And neither of the famous couple wants to move permanently.

The round of speculation about the problems in paradise was slowly beginning to spin, because the singer and her partner did not show up on the instagram for several days. But she stopped him in time when she flew to Turin last Friday. An even bigger surprise, probably for Nedvěd himself, was that there wasn’t just a jump. Even on Sunday, she boasted dinner together on social networks.

“After a long time, I’m finally enjoying my private life,” said Dara already on Friday. It is a question of whether she took time off and with Pavel in the coming days, or whether she had to return to Prague. Her daughter Laura is already 14 years old and without her mother she would be able to do it at home even longer than just over the weekend.

The Rolins fell in love with Turin. “I’m glad that I like Lole as much as I like this town. And what pleases me the most is that everyone who is important to me in this story, including Matthew, is so-called peace and quiet. I wish this phenomenon is a must for every family, “she said some time ago.

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This is how Dara Rolins encouraged the Czechs during the covid pandemic:

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