There was an Outbreak of Yellow Fever Before Covid-19, Up to 5,000 Deaths by the End of the Pandemic,

TRIBUNJABAR.ID, BANDUNG – Before it was pandemic Covid-19, there has also been a pandemic which claimed many victims.

The outbreak that happened before the Covid-19 outbreak this is called yellow fever outbreak or yellow fever.

Historically, today, 227 years ago, exactly October 11, 1793, the death toll from the yellow fever epidemic in Philadelphia reached 100 people.

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Reported by, until the end of the pandemic, a total of 5,000 deaths from this disease occurred there.

Yellow fever, also known as the “American Plague” at that time, was infectious diseases that starts with symptoms fever and muscle aches.

After that, the patients will experience jaundice.

Hence, this epidemic is referred to as yellow fever.

Because, the liver and kidneys of these patients stopped functioning normally.

Some sufferers later also experienced symptoms the worse like vomiting blood.

This condition is caused due to internal bleeding in the duct digestion.

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