There was an ‘explosion’ of Covid, this is the current condition of the Holy

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Government through the Task Force for Handling Covid-19The National Police and TNI continue to monitor each region on a regular basis to tackle the spike in Covid-19 cases. One of them is Kudus, Central Java, which a few months ago experienced a crisis.

The good news is that Kudus is now starting to improve in terms of handling Covid-19. This is reflected in the continuous strengthening of 3T (testing, tracing, treatment), implementing emergency PPKM, providing centralized isolation and most importantly continuing to carry out mass vaccinations.

“All ranks stakeholder what is under all of us we embrace, we invite to work together, because we can not work alone. Therefore, all of them are compact, working in synergy for structuring starting from the smallest level, namely RT,” said Kudus Regent HM Hartopo in a discussion broadcast on the Youtube channel FMB9ID_IKP on Tuesday, (31/08/2021).

In addition, Hartopo also said that he had implemented a Micro PPKM in which this policy was tightened to suppress the spread of Covid-19 in Kudus. Furthermore, he said, assistance in the form of health workers, PPE continued to arrive to support the handling of Covid-19.

Hartopo also said that until now Kudus has carried out the Covid-19 vaccination process. The breakdown for the first dose is around 24%, while for the second dose it is around 20%. The low vaccination rate is due to the delay in the distribution of vaccines from the center to Kudus.

Spokesperson for the Covid-19 Vaccination of the Ministry of Health, Siti Nadia Tarmizi, said there were several considerations made in the process of distributing vaccines, including the population of an area, the rate of transmission of Covid-19 and variants of virus mutations circulating in the area.

“Yesterday, we know that Kudus had an increase in cases. At that time, we also gave more vaccine allocations compared to other regions,” said Siti Nadia.

“Including, if you look at yesterday when there was an increase in cases in July, Java-Bali got a proportion of 60% compared to other regions. And of course we have to be patient, because the amount of vaccine we receive from vaccine manufacturers is only 35% of our needs,” he continued.

Based on data, positive confirmed cases of Covid-19 in Kudus Regency as of today are 16,823. Of that number, 15,419 recovered and 1,380 died.

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