There was a voice asking for help amidst the flames, 2 friends found dead hugging page all Two friends with the initials LS (33) and SML (28) were found dead inside Fire shop house (ruko) in Siantar Sitalasari District, Pematangsiantar, North Sumatra.

When found, the two were in a state of embracing each other with burns all over their bodies.

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A voice asked for help

Freepik / Ilovehz fire illustration

The victim’s neighbor, Ningsih Simbolon, said that he had heard cries for help.

When checked, the sound came from the flames that burned a shop.

“This morning at nine o’clock, there was a voice asking for help. We saw that a fire from the bottom of the house had caught fire,” he said.

Ningsih said, the fire quickly engulfed the shop.

“The fire immediately got big, especially the strong winds,” said Ningsih.

Firefighters then came and were able to put out the fire.

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IllustrationShutterstock Illustration

Two friends of the business owner died in a hug

According to the victim’s family, the shop was used by two friends to run a business together.

They are LS and SML. The two are known to have been friends for a long time.

In the shop, the two friends opened a cellphone shop, selling gas and necessities.

Their close friendship to death is inviting.

The two best friends were found dead embraced with burns all over their bodies.

It is suspected that the victim fainted due to smoke inhalation and then caught fire.

“The position of the two of them is close together like a hug, but we can let go. The position of the two victims is downstairs, in a corner near the bathroom,” said Siantar Martoba Police Chief, Iptu, Amir Mahmud.

Source: (Author: Pematangsiantar Contributor, Teguh Pribadi | Editor: David Oliver Purba)


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