There was a video of the death of an actor on the stage of the Bolshoi Theater – UNIAN

The version of the artist’s alcoholic intoxication is being checked.

Actor Evgeny Kulesh died on stage before the arrival of an ambulance / photo

A video of the moment of the death of the actor has been published on the network Evgeniya Kulesha on the stage of the Bolshoi Theater.

According to preliminary information, the design of the scenery hit the artist on the head, as a result of which he died, according to the Telegram channel. SHOT.

“According to our information, the set was going down normally. There was no breakdown. During the performance, Kulesh had to take out a chair, put it on the stage, and then move left or right. But the actor began to move back. Other artists began to shout to him that the set was coming down, but he did not have time to react, and the construction hit him on the head. Now the version of the alcoholic state of the deceased actor is being checked. The UK is conducting a check, “the message says.

At the Bolshoi Theater, the scenery killed the actor: what is known

October 9 in Moscow at the Bolshoi Theater during the opera “Sadko”, when the scenery was changed, actor Yevgeny Kulesh died… They tried to revive him, but they failed. The performance was immediately stopped, the audience was asked to leave the hall.

It was reported that during the opera, the performer moved aside the throne on the stage when the set was to descend. At the same time, the artist himself had to go forward to the audience.

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