There was a prior arrangement with the intermediaries who replaced Gazprom

They blame “Bulgargaz” for taking cheap fuel from Chiren in April and May

It can be reasonably assumed that there was a prior agreement with the companies that replaced Gazprom in the supply of natural gas, immediately after the contract with the Russians was terminated. These agreements are both on the quantities and delivery points of the fuel, and also on the price, reads one of the conclusions of the report, which the temporary parliamentary committee is about to vote on Wednesday. It was created in May to clarify the circumstances that led to the termination of the contract with Gazprom.

The 25-page report, which “24 Chasa” has, describes all the documents received from the government, the Ministry of Energy, Bulgargaz, Bulgartransgaz, DANS, NARA and the State Intelligence Agency, as well as the hearings held in the last two months.

In order to conclude that there was a prior agreement, the commission focused on the fact that Bulgargaz had enough time to organize and carry out the necessary procedures to ensure alternative gas supplies for the last days of April, May and the coming months , even if it does not resort to intermediaries.

It has been able to organize LNG delivery slots in Greece on its own, participate in stock exchanges and find gas producers from the US, Qatar and elsewhere.

The gas was stopped by “Gazprom” on April 27, but the first written warning about what was cooked up by the Russian gas monopolist was already done on April 1, the report says.

However, only after April 27 did Bulgargaz send an inquiry to gas traders.

There are 40 licensed traders on the Bulgarian gas market, but requests for offers were sent to only 10 of them, and in May – to 12, without it being clear how they were selected, the report says.

“From the information provided, it is clear that there are no clear and uniform criteria for delivery. Even these selected traders are requested to quote for delivery for different quantities and to different entry points. One of the trading participants was asked for an offer for the supply of gas for the month of May to a virtual trading point in Greece for 30,000 megawatt hours per day. At the same time, the same commercial participant was asked for an offer for the supply of gas for the month of May to a point in Bulgaria for 5,000 megawatt hours per day,” the deputies wrote.

The other irregularity according to them is that “Bulgargaz” continued to draw from the storage in Chiren even after the end of winter, including in April, when it was already clear that there was a risk to security of supply.

Stock withdrawals were planned even for May. The commission’s conclusion is that in this way the company spent the gas inflated at the old prices during the previous sem and now it has to deposit the overpriced gas in the storage.

Some time ago, however, “Bulgargaz” said that they did this in order to suppress the prices of natural gas in April and May.

The editorial staff of “24 Chasa” is ready to give the floor to other experts on the issues raised by the report

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