There was a Fight Club in New York

In 1999, the whole world discovered the film Fight Club, which today has become a cult film. This feature film which stars Brad Pitt and Edward Norton seems to have given ideas to the next generation. As the Fox News site reports, more than 200 people gathered at a Fight Club in New York City to witness illegal fights.

These individuals were questioned by New York Police on the night of November 14, 2020. The Fight Club in question was located in a warehouse located on Coster Street, Hunts Point. The people who were there had come to attend an event called “Rumble in The Bronx”, in reference to the film “Rumble in the Bronx” by George Foreman and Mohamed Ali

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Police raided at 11:15 p.m. and discovered that there were at least 203 people attending and participating in amateur fights.

Drugs, guns and alcohol

On the spot, the police seized two firearms, drugs and alcohol. According to the authorities, those who were there were not wearing any masks, despite the current pandemic.

The participants did not respect any measures of social distancing and freely consumed alcohol and marijuana. This raid is one of the many measures taken by local authorities to prevent illegal gatherings during this pandemic period.

Ten people charged

During this raid, police arrested 10 men from the Bronx, Brooklyn and Long Island. According to the sources, the latter are the organizers of this event. A 32-year-old man named Michael Roman is presented by authorities as the CEO of Rumble in the Bronx Fight Club.

Michael Roman and his associates face a fine of $ 15,000. They are accused of illegal possession of firearms, organizing illegal fights and illegal sale of alcohol.

This is not the first time that New York police have discovered such illegal gatherings. On Friday, November 13, 2020, the police raided a party that took place in Chelsea and which brought together 205 people.

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