There Mourinho, Bale effect at Spurs Can be like Ibrahimovic at MU


If you return to Tottenham Hotspur, Gareth Bale believed to have a positive effect as well Zlatan Ibrahimovic at Manchester United first. It’s because there is Jose Mourinho.

This opinion was expressed by Tim Sherwood, who used to play and coach Tottenham Hotspur, regarding the possibility of Bale’s move from Real Madrid to Lily Whites this summer.

“I thought it would be a good move,” Sherwood told the show talkSPORT Breakfast.

“Spurs are not looking good. I know it’s difficult to criticize after just one game, but they don’t look extraordinary, especially up front,” he said.

Gareth Bale not a foreign figure at Tottenham Hotspur because he was the main star there. Sherwood is sure that his “return” will be greeted with great enthusiasm, despite the expectations of success in the past.

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However, Sherwood also believes the Wales international will shine under Jose Mourinho. Like when Mourinho was successful when he hooked Zlatan Ibrahimovic while he was still managing Manchester United.

“We all know what Jose is like; he likes big-name players, he brought Zlatan on a free transfer while at Manchester United and the effect is great, they can win trophies,” said Sherwood.

“I think it was an easy decision for (Spurs chairman) Daniel Levy, because Real Madrid are likely to be willing to pay maybe three-quarters of his salary, which still makes him a high-paying player at Tottenham, but it’s not a difficult decision. needs a lot of reassurance because he knows what he (Bale) has already done at the club. Gareth will come with hero status and will make everyone enthusiastic. “

“But he will also have a lot of pressure because everyone is going to say, ‘Come on Gareth, do what you used to do’, which was already amazing,” Sherwood said of the potential. Gareth Bale treadmill for the Spurs again.

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