There May Be Many Other Humans in the Universe


Imagine that at one time, humans were able to visit another world and there, they encountered creatures who turned out to be too man. Such a theory according to scientists is possible.

Simon Conway Morris, an evolutionary expert from the University of Cambridge, said he quite believed that on other planets there might also be evolution like on Earth. Thus, perhaps creatures such as humans also appeared.

“It can be said with sufficient confidence that the probability of something happening in line with how humans evolved is quite high,” he was quoted as saying detikINET from the BBC, Tuesday (11/23/2021).

“The number of potential planets that currently exist, even if it only occurs once in a hundred, still leads to the emergence of intelligent beings scattered everywhere, perhaps similar to us. man, ” he explained.

In other words, evolution is a law of nature so that evolution that occurs on Earth can also appear in the same way on other planets. Thus, it is possible that there are many other humans in the universe, although currently it is still only a theory.

A similar opinion was once expressed by Arik Kershenbaum, an expert on living things. According to him if evolution is a mechanism for life, then it may not just appear on Earth.

“Since evolution is the mechanism for explaining life everywhere, the principles we know occur on Earth can also be applied throughout the universe,” he proposed.

“Alien civilizations before technology could sing, dance and tell stories just like man in ancient times because they were headed in the same direction,” he said.

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