There is something that must always be changed to live healthily

There is something that must always be changed to live healthily. If in order to live long we would have had to undergo who knows what treatment, perhaps we would have accepted. Instead, to live well and for a long time, it is enough to improve that gesture that we unconsciously do every day, the breath.

The whole world breathes

On this Earth all beings live thanks to the breath. Men breathe, taking in oxygen and throwing out carbon dioxide. Animals also need to breathe to live. Plants breathe two-way: they take oxygen but also take up carbon dioxide and transform it into oxygen, with the process of chlorophyll photosynthesis. There are even some breathing stones, the so-called “Trovants”, which can be seen in Romania.

There is something that must always be changed to live healthily. The air in our house

Oxygen is thus the fundamental element of our life. As we spend most of a day indoors, it is important to check the air quality first.

Sometimes due to the cold we tend to close all the windows, so that stale air is created. Maybe the stoves are on, which leads to a further reduction in oxygen. If we don’t change the air every now and then, opening a few windows, we risk getting drowsy, perhaps headaches. Simply because our brain is not well supplied with oxygen and also the harmful gases for our health increase.

The presence of a non-autonomous person

If a person who is not independent lives in the house with us, in a wheelchair or in bed, these recommendations apply even more. The fear that he could catch a disease leads us to close everything. This would create an unhealthy air that would affect even more the health of this person.

Instead, what should be avoided for everyone in a home are drafts, which can inflame some sensitive parts, such as shoulders and neck.

It’s here an exercise which helps you breathe better.

(We remind you to carefully read the warnings in this regard, which can be consulted who”)

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