There is no rival for Trump Biden. “I’ll leave the US if he wins,” he said

Trump says he feels under pressure because he is facing “the worst presidential candidate in history.” “Can you imagine losing? All my life, what would I do? I won’t feel good, maybe I’ll leave the country, I don’t know,” he said jokingly.

He amused his devoted voters, who attended his election rally in Macon, Georgia. However, according to the latest surveys, he could easily start going into exile. He lags behind Biden by about 10 percentage points, he informs DailyMail.

The Democratic candidate has stepped in to win even in Texas, which usually belongs to Republicans. However, in the previous presidential election, Hillary Clinton also won by percentage point, and Trump still won.

Rock music icons Bruce Springsteen and Tommy Lee also commented on Trump’s statement. They both swore that if Donald Trump was re-elected president, they would move out of America.

Trump said that if in the election will not win, leaves America.


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