“ There is no position for Russian troops in Ukraine. ” K-Working day, a strategic recapture procedure for Kherson, has begun. JBpress

The objective is to divide Crimea, a logistical base, or “currently attacking the next line of protection,” some analyzes say.

President Zelensky gave a speech on August 29 (Credit: Ukrainian Presidential Press Services / Reuters Television / Aflo)

(London intercontinental journalist, Masato Kimura)

LONDON – On August 29, the Ukrainian military released the “recapture procedure” of the strategic southern city of Kherson. Late at night, President Volodymyr Zelensky delivered a speech addressing the Russian soldiers:

“If you want to survive, it is time for the Russian military to withdraw. Go property. If you are frightened of returning to Russia, surrender. We are all concentrated on the Geneva Conventions for the security of prisoners of war.” undertake to comply with the guidelines of

“Ukraine is reconquering its territories. Kharkiv, Luhansk, Donetsk, Zaporizhia, Cherson, Crimea, Black Sea and Azov, from the island of Zminy (Snake) to the Kerch Strait. This is our territory, there is no location for Russian troops in Ukraine. “

Ukraine announces the “breakthrough of the very first line of protection”, Russia suggests that “the Ukrainian assault has failed”

On the 29th, the Kherson Area Kakhovka Operations Group produced a video clip displaying Ukrainian forces breaking by means of the “initial line of defense” of the Russian forces occupying Kherson. The so-known as 109th regiment of the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) withdrew from its positions in Kherson, and the Russian paratroopers supporting them also fled the battlefield. The regional newspaper, Ukraine Pravda, reportedly verified the information.

“This is a slow operation created to crush the enemy and protect the life of Ukrainian troopers and civilians. This procedure will not progress extremely promptly, but will close with the erection of Ukrainian flags on all Ukrainian territories.”

As common, the Russian military repeated the announcement of the imperial headquarters, claiming that “the counter-offensive of the Ukrainian military finished in failure and prompted large losses”. What is the authentic situation of the war? Western media are also skeptical of the announcement by the Ukrainian authorities.

Previous US Army soldier Mark Lopez (now a major in the Ukrainian military), who joined the Ukrainian army in May possibly and qualified prospects the fight trauma reduction in Krivy Rif around Kherson, stated in a interview with the writer on ZOOM on the 30th, “Ukrainian Army., which attacked Kherson at the same time from up to 12 assault routes.

Previous US Army soldier Mark Lopez (author’s still left) qualified prospects battle trauma care at Crivie Rif.

Lopez served in Iraq and Afghanistan. He continued to be concerned in Afghanistan even after operating a US personal protection company, and in August final calendar year he assisted in the Afghan escape procedure. For 4 many years, starting up in 2014, he was familiar with information and facts about the Ukrainian army for the reason that he trained the Ukrainian army on the ground in detecting explosives and relieving battle trauma. Lopez explained “K-Working day” started off with the initials “Kherson”.

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