There is no one-sided response to rumors of a relationship with Rain and Jo Jung-suk, a beautiful golfer.

Singer Rain, actor Jo Jung-seok / Photos = Hankyung DB

Singer Rain and actor Jo Jung-suk foreshadowed a harsh response to relationship rumors circulating online.

Rain’s agency, Rain Company, stated on the 6th: “We were aware of the rumors and bullshit circulating about the artist, but we decided that it was not necessary to express any position because it was an obvious falsehood to which not it was not even worth answering. It is difficult to tolerate further after confirming that personal attacks and accusations against family members are being made indiscriminately “.

“Before being a celebrity exposed to the public, I believe that the minimum dignity, courtesy and human rights must be respected as a human being”.

This is the position of a magazine that previously reported that star A was having an affair with a beautiful golf player, and reckless speculation has been rife. The magazine reported that there are rumors that Mr. A is dating professional golfer Mr. C, even though he has a wife who has both beauty and intelligence.

Rain’s agency said: “After contacting the media that first reported the initials, we confirmed that the initials were not our artists.”

“We hold anyone responsible for posting content that has not been confirmed to be true or for writing harmful posts, including defamation under the Information and Communications Network Act, violating the prohibition on unlawful distribution of information, and the circumstance of dissemination of false information through interpersonal transmission We will take strong measures without leniency through legal procedures, “he warned.

Jo Jung-suk’s agency Jam Entertainment has also put a knife on rumors. Jam Entertainment said: “The false facts that Jo Jung-seok has more than friendship with a golfer are being spread indiscriminately across various communities and social media.

He continued: “It is simply absurd that we and the actor himself are spreading the false facts that are related to people they do not know and, furthermore, various speculations are disguised as if they were true.” also a one-way meal ”, he stressed.

“We did not respond to Jirashi’s discovery because it was absurd speculation, but we will respond with strong legal measures to the deplorable reality that is spreading indiscriminately online over time.”

On the other hand, singer Rain married actor Kim Tae-hee in 2017 and has two daughters, and Jo Jung-seok married singer Gummy in 2018 and has a daughter.

Kim Soo-young, reporter [email protected]

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