Health There Is No G4 Swine Flu in Indonesia, Ministry...

There Is No G4 Swine Flu in Indonesia, Ministry of Health: Strengthen Collaboration Between Institutions

-, Jakarta The Health Ministry’s Director General for Disease Prevention and Control Achmad Yurianto said that we must anticipate the threat of an outbreak flu babi G4 EA H1NI. Efforts are being made to strengthen early prevention and response to the threat of swine flu.

“In anticipation of a pandemic flu babi G4 “Together with the EA H1N1, let’s work together to strengthen communication, coordination and collaboration between relevant ministry ministries, both in the animal health range in terms of wildlife health and in the public health line,” Yuri said in a virtual seminar. Understand and Be Aware of the threat of the New Swine Flu Virus (G4 EA H1N1), Friday (7/10/2020).

“Surely this is carried out jointly by the community. This effort is a pillar of success in the prevention and control of zoonotic diseases in the present and in the future.”

A manifestation of the successful handling of the implementation swine flu including zoonotic diseases are exposed in relevant laws and regulations, including Presidential Instruction Number 4 of 2019 concerning Public Health Security.

“My hope is that we can respond to diseases that have the potential for Extraordinary Events (KLB) or pandemics at an early stage, so that they do not become a national problem, even a global problem,” said Yuri.

“To that end, strengthening cross-sector information can be strengthened by prevention and early response actions. We will also work with the Directorate General of Animal Husbandry and Animal Health at the Ministry of Agriculture.”


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