“There is no falsification, overvaluation or arrest warrant,” says Axel López

San Pedro Sula, Honduras

“Either you give us something or we screw you …”, explained Axel López, representative of Elmed Medical Systems, the accusations made against him by SDI Global LLC, for alleged irregularities in the purchase process of mobile hospitals acquired by Inversiones Estratégicas de Honduras, Invest-H, to attend to the coronavirus emergency.

López spoke with Diario LA PRENSA and pointed out that there was no falsification of documents, as well as overvaluation of more than two million dollars in each installation and that it will deliver quality hospitals to the country between July 7 and 10, when they arrive in Puerto Cortés.

He also added that there are no arrest warrants against him and that he will proceed against SDI due to the accusations made against him, which have taken hold in recent days.

What is your version of this process?

We received a purchase order for Mobile Hospitals and Invest-H and we have provided them with the relevant information and we are in constant communication. Now, upon the arrival of the projects for San Pedro Sula and Tegucigalpa, they are about to arrive in Puerto Cortés between July 7-10. Now we are coordinating the travel schedule of our technical staff and engineers to make their installations.


On Wednesday it was pointed out in Honduras that hospitals were acquired at overvalued costs. What is their position?

We are in the midst of a global pandemic. Whoever reported that it was overvalued or not is relative depending on what they compare it to. The medical equipment and supplies market is a black market. In January a medical team cost between $ 5,000 and $ 7,000, but now try to find one like that anywhere; if you find it, and well, it will be between 25 thousand and 35 thousand dollars. A face mask of 50 cents before, if you find it, will be 3 or 5 dollars. Those types of reports, unfortunately continue to inflame public opinion and are attacks to make people have the opinion that they are expensive. Actually look for a hospital builder and ask how much a traditional hospital like the one we’re delivering would cost.

Hospital 1.15(1416x870)

Your company is accused of falsifying purchase orders and that there are arrest warrants against you. What do you think?

We go to the same thing, “first we shoot, then we ask.” There is no counterfeiting, there is no leak or capture order. My office is across from the police department.

And then why the SDI Global LLC charge of counterfeiting purchase orders?

SDI was at the time a possible subcontractor and due to internal issues this relationship was left and Invest-H was given an explanation about it. However, we have sent you legal notice to stop defamation and interrupt our business relationships in other countries. Their actions are irritating, but the purchase order is valid and we are exceeding the expectation of it.

So why the accusations against him?

Wet I think they tell you in Honduras. Either you give us something or we screw you up. These are issues that are now bringing legal action from us against them for defamation.

Invest-H makes the purchase from Hospitales Móviles.com, they contact you. Without SDI in the process, who did you make the final purchase from?

We have factories in Turkey and subcontractors.

López sent a video via Whastapp in which he shows the hospital facilities that he claims were acquired and will arrive in Honduras. The video is attached at this link.

Are these the hospitals that will arrive in the country?

The video we present talks about what Honduras will receive. It is our responsibility, also to report hope and give peace of mind to the population. What you see in the video is what goes. This is not anything, these are functional hospitals, with medicinal gases, an oxygen plant, etc. Check out the Invest-H reports.

Hospital 2.9(1416x870)

Will you hand the hospitals over to Mobile Hospitals or Invest-H?

Invest-H who is our client.

In Honduras, a photo of him with María Antonieta Guillén de Bográn, a former presidential designee in the government of Porfirio Lobo and the aunt of Marco Bográn, director of Invest-H, circulates. What relationship do you have with her?

I don’t know any of them. That was a montage to develop a story that draws attention from the people, what a shame.

What is your message in the face of this scandal?

I am very sorry how our image and that of my person is played, but we remain firm because we are doing our best so that these projects are a blessing and help for the population. Behind everything that circulates there is an agenda that I cannot describe and which, as a private company from the United States, I cannot understand, but God and the actions of our projects will speak for themselves. We will continue to focus on doing good even if I personally pay the price of being shot at and then ask if I was innocent. Let’s focus on making agents of change, Honduras needs it, we can all contribute to it.


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