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Original title: There is light if there is a torch

The torch pattern of the Beijing Winter Olympics (left) and the torch pattern of the Beijing Paralympics (right) released on February 4. Issued by Xinhua News Agency (Photo courtesy of Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee)

Ice and fire meet, passion “flying”.

On February 4th, on the first anniversary of the countdown to the opening of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, the torch of the Beijing Winter Olympics and Paralympics-“Flying” was officially launched.

The hollow and open form, pure hydrogen combustion with zero carbon emissions, entanglement of internal and external streamers, “Double Olympic City” heritage… all elements are unified in the bright and vibrant image of the torch.

Lunar New Year’s Eve, when the old and the new are retired. Wang Xiangyu, deputy director of the Cultural Activities Department of the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee, said that he hopes to use the torch to ignite the world’s enthusiasm and broad expectations for the Beijing Winter Olympics and Paralympics.

A fallen leaf burns inspiration

It is like two streamers fluttering in the wind, held in the palm of the hand, condensed without sending. This Winter Olympic torch, which is expected to ignite passion and dispel the haze, is inspired by a leaf.

“In fact, frankly speaking, the entire torch design quickly fell to the level of image and meaning at first.” said Li Jianye, the designer of the torch. The team even considered whether to design a bunch of “candy haws”…

He recalled that although the overall design concept was later clarified, “to be upward and revolving”, the specific presentation form was always industrialized and “too regular.”

Lin Cunzhen, an expert from the torch modification expert group of the Cultural Activities Department of the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee, was studying and discussing, he casually played with a leaf from a green plant on the office desk, and suddenly found that the leaf was agile and beautiful, very close to the form to be expressed. So she quickly took a video of the leaves rotating for your reference.

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This fallen leaf instantly ignited the inspiration of designers. Finally, after more than 40 editions of the team’s internal revision plan and the 11th edition of the official submission plan, on September 22, 2020, after multiple rounds of review by the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee, the current torch was determined from the 182 effective solicitation plans from the whole society. Design.

The overall appearance of the “Flying” torch echoes the shape of the main torch tower for the opening ceremony of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, reflecting the heritage and development of the city of Double Olympics.

From bottom to top, it gradually transitions from the auspicious cloud pattern to the paper-cut snowflake pattern, which rotates and rises like a ribbon fluttering, and finally appears as a flying flame. Xiangyun conveys auspicious meaning and is the continuation of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games; snowflakes express the characteristics of the Winter Olympics and are the innovation of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics.

When the torch is handed over, the tops of the two torches can be closely intertwined, such as holding two hands, representing the vision of the Winter Olympics in which different civilizations exchange and learn from each other and the world is more familiar and harmonious.

“This year 2020 is very unusual. Everyone feels that way.” Li Jianye said, “I want to express the need for mankind to face these crises together through the image of a’handshake’.”

The torch of the Beijing Winter Olympics is red and silver, which means a blend of ice and fire. The torch of the Beijing Paralympic Winter Games is gold and silver, which means glory and dream.

“The current plan should be said to be a concentration of wisdom and technology in many fields, with a high level of design, the art form has Chinese characteristics, and it reflects Beijing’s “dignified, elegant, atmospheric, and open” urban characteristics, and integrates the “Double Olympics Urban elements’.” said Lu Xiaobo, a member of the Torch Appraisal Committee and Dean of the Academy of Fine Arts of Tsinghua University.

On December 7, 2020, the International Olympic Committee Executive Committee reviewed and approved the torch design plan for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics.

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Interlocking “black technology”

“The design of this torch adheres to the concept of green and sustainable, and strives to integrate art design and technological innovation.” Wang Xiangyu said.

One of the highlights of “Flying” torch technology is that the Beijing Winter Olympics torch will use hydrogen as fuel. According to Han Zongjie, a senior engineer of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, in addition to environmental protection properties, the characteristics of hydrogen fuel ensure that the torch can be used in extreme cold weather and can withstand winds of level 10.

However, to maintain the same burning time, the storage space of hydrogen is twice as large as that of traditional liquid propane fuel. This also means that hydrogen fuel combustion cans need to be able to withstand greater pressure.

The second technical highlight of “Feiyang” is that the torch shell is made of light-weight, high-temperature resistant carbon fiber material, and the torch combustion tank is also made of carbon fiber.

Huang Xiangyu, a carbon fiber expert and deputy general manager of Sinopec Shanghai Petrochemical Co., Ltd., introduced that with the scientific research support of Sinopec Group, the outer streamer of the torch uses advanced carbon fiber three-dimensional weaving molding technology and high-temperature combustion resistance coating. The ignition section is made of aluminum alloy, which can withstand high temperatures above 800 degrees Celsius.

The Executive Committee of the International Olympic Committee highly affirmed the design of the torch, and believed that the design of the torch once again proved that the Olympic Games is a clever combination of sports and culture, art and technology. With both cultural heritage and technological innovation, Chinese culture and art are perfectly displayed. Not only embodies the characteristics of the Double Olympic City, but also shows the spirit of the Olympics.

Tenjin Goichiho Nature

The torch design of the Beijing Winter Olympics and the Paralympic Winter Games is in the same line as the overall image landscape design, both of which are derived from eight characters: Tao follows nature, and nature is one.

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“I believe everyone has actually heard this sentence, but it is still difficult to truly understand it, even to express it on an entity like the torch.” Li Jianye said.

The first selected program is actually the “heart of porcelain fire.” Rao Jie, the project leader of the torch team, recalled that the plan was on the verge of failure when it was revised after being shortlisted. When there were still two days before the next reporting node, the whole team made up his mind and started over.

“Our initial plan is still too complicated, but it is actually a simple way.” Li Jianye said.

Beijing will become the world‘s first double Olympic city to host the Summer and Winter Olympics. Therefore, compared with the 2008 torch, this torch is both inheritance and innovation.

The power of innovation stems from the traditional Chinese culture that advocates “Tao Law and Nature”:

——The overall shape of “Flying” originates from leaves, and the streamlined power of nature is full of vitality;

——Hydrogen is derived from water, and will become water after burning, which is in line with the traditional Chinese concept of imaginary and reality;

——The disassembly and assembly of the torch is like a traditional Chinese Kongming lock, which requires a specific angle to open and close.

“I hope that the Olympic flame will become the light at the end of the dark tunnel.” International Olympic Committee Chairman Bach has called on many occasions. Under the challenge of the epidemic, the world needs sportsmanship more than ever.

And one year later, when the main torch of the Winter Olympics is burning in the “Bird’s Nest”, the torch will eventually “fly”, bringing more light and hope to mankind.

(Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, February 4th, reporters Lu Yuchen, Li Li, Ji Ye and participating reporters: Niu Mengtong, Wang Yong, Wang Meng, Ding Wenxian, Xia Zilin, Tian Chenxu, Zhang Xiao, Ju Huanzong, Yang Fan)




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