“There is fatigue linked to the teaching professions”, recognizes Pap Ndiaye

National Education Minister Pap Ndiaye will reveal his social mix plan on March 15. “We have exchanges and consultations with the communities, which are involved in particular for the revision of the school map.” Private education will have to make its contribution to social diversity, believes the minister, with a rate of scholarship holders in particular. “We are preparing a protocol”, adds Pap Ndiaye. The international Pisa studies, which study the education systems of OECD countries, show that France is one of the countries where a pupil’s social origin weighs the most on his or her educational destiny.

How to ease career endings

Regarding the ratio of the legal retirement age to 64, Pap Ndiaye concedes fatigue for teachers at the end of their careers, “with school teachers who may have musculoskeletal disorders”. “We must take this into account. We take it into account, because from September, the generalization in the public service of progressive retirement”continues Pap Ndiaye.

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He explains: “You can reduce your working time and therefore your salary, and compensate for it with an early part, an advance payment of your retirement pension. You can do that two years before claiming your pension rights. It’s a way to reduce the extension of working time.

The Minister also plans to employ end-of-career teachers for other tasks, such as tutoring and support. “We have a recruitment problem”also recognizes Pap Ndiaye. “The question of the attractiveness of the profession is structural. We have responded to it with an increase in remuneration. We must also rethink the careers of teachers.”

Awareness campaign against homophobia

On Wednesday, the minister announced the launch in May of an awareness campaign against homophobia at school, focusing on welcoming LGBT + students. Asked by Têtu magazine, Pap Ndiaye wants to cross “a decisive step” on this subject after the suicide of young Lucas. “We know that compared to heterosexual students, gay and lesbian students are four times more likely to attempt suicide, when it’s eleven times more for young trans people. We must improve their reception by tackling even more more strongly to situations of mockery, violence and harassment”says the Minister of Education.

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