There is Blockage of Backflow on the MBZ Flyover and Japek Toll Road, Note the Location Page all

JAKARTA, – PT Jasa Marga (Persero) Tbk together with parties Police and the Directorate General (Ditjen) of Land Transportation Ministry of Communications will do a temporary closure in two Highway Jabotabek towards Jakarta.

Both ways tolls namely, the Mohamed Bin Zayed Flyover (MBZ) and Highway Jakarta-Cikampek (Japek) KM 47B.

Jasa Marga’s Corporate Communication & Community Development Group Head Dwimawan Heru Santoso said the company fully supports the implementation of blocking vehicles heading for Jabotabek at that point.

In this case, Jasa Marga supports the provision of locations, the placement of officers to regulate traffic (traffic) and the placement of signs so that this activity runs smoothly.

“At this point, the police will conduct an examination of travel documents in accordance with applicable procedures,” Heru was quoted as saying in a press release, Saturday (15/05/2021).

However, the sealing points were at KM 31A and KM 46 + 500A Toll Japek and the MBZ Flyover towards Cikampek have been stopped and are now accessible by toll road users.

In addition, to reduce the spread of the Covid-19 Pandemic transmission, Jasa Marga together with the Regional Covid-19 Task Force also supported the implementation of the random check antigens at a number of locations on the motorway.

Process screening conducted randomly for vehicles with number plates outside the agglomeration area.

In its implementation, Jasa Marga provides the location and completeness of the post and coordinates with parties police for traffic management (traffic).

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Meanwhile, the test equipment, medical staff, and ambulance are provided by Covid-19 task force area or the Health Office (Health Office) local.

If road users are confirmed positive for Covid-19, they will be secured by the Regional Covid-19 Task Force by ambulance to a Referral Hospital according to Standard Operating Procedures (SOP).

Several locations for rapid antigen testing on the Jasa Marga Group Toll Road are already running, including KM 47B Japek Toll Road and KM 38B Rest Area Jagorawi Toll Road.

Then, Rest Area KM 149B and KM 125B Padaleunyi Toll Road, Rest Area KM 97B and KM 72B Cipularang Toll Road, Kalikangkung Toll Gate (GT) and Rest Area KM 360B Batang-Semarang Toll Road, and Ngawi Toll Gate (GT) and Rest Area KM 519B Jalan Tol Solo-Ngawi.

In addition to efforts to control transportation, Jasa Marga together with the Indonesia Flying Club (IFC) are still monitoring by air on 16-17 May 2021.

This monitoring is integrated with the Jasa Marga Tollroad Command Center (JMTC) to obtain online sources of information real time, fast, and efficient.

With a number of isolation points and random test antigen on Jasa Marga Group Toll Road, Heru asked road users to arrange their trips so they don’t go home together on Saturday (15/05/2021) to Sunday (16/05/2021).



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