There is a risk of flooding in the morning in the eastern part of Bohemia

Updates: 01.07.2020 08:48

Prague – Due to the increased outflow of water, a flood warning applies this morning, especially in the eastern part of Bohemia. In the Pardubice Region, the risk of floods is extreme, Loučná in Dašice should reach the third degree of flood activity, ie the threat. The warning with a lower degree of danger also applies to a part of the Hradec Králové Region, Central Bohemia, and the risk persists in the Olomouc Region, said the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute (CHMI).

In the Pardubice Region, a warning with an extreme degree of danger applies from 08:30 to 11:30. Water can flood down residential areas, some roads and bridges can be closed. Due to the waterlogged soil, there is a risk of trees falling. People should restrict movement in high-risk areas, do not bathe or boat rivers.

A high degree of danger applies in the Kostelec and Chrudim regions. There is now a second flood stage in Orlice, Tichá Orlice, Novohradka and Chrudimka, while Orlice in Týniště and Novohradka in Úhřetice are on the border of the second and third stages. “We expect a culmination around noon. Loučná in Dašice is in the first stage, we expect to reach the second stage and culminate at night,” said meteorologists.

In other places there is a low degree of danger. “As a result of the inflow from the upper parts of the river basin, we expect the level of the middle Elbe to rise, culminating just above the level of the first degree of flood activity,” said CHMI. The warning therefore applies, for example, to the Kolín, Brandýs or Nymburk regions. The Elbe in Přelouč or Morava in Olomouc – Nové Sady should also ascend to the first stage.

The rivers flooded after Monday’s heavy rain, especially in the eastern part of the Czech Republic. On Tuesday night, the third degree of floods applied in several places, but on Tuesday morning the levels dropped.

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