There is a new shocking recording with Michał Sz.

MEP Patryk Jaki shared a new recording on his Facebook profile, which shows an attack on a van and its driver. The recording is material from the TVP intervention program “Alarm”. Among the attackers is Michał Sz., Whose arrest caused aggressive protests from the LGBT community

“A new movie of LGBT bandit attack with a knife on a quiet boy from a pro-life foundation. And the mainstream media pretends the next day that they don’t have this movie, and the bandit has been arrested for being an LGBT activist. Celebrities have joined, of course. Level of deception. and stupidity in Poland has just reached its peak “- writes the former deputy minister of justice.

“This is what every day in the West looks like. This is the war of civilization that I was talking about. Neo-Marxism destroying freedom. And no political correctness or personal attacks by the media will force me to remain silent on this matter” – assures the politician of Solidarity Poland.

By a court decision, LGBT activist Michał Sz. aka Małgorzata “Margot” Sz. he was arrested for 2 months. The man is suspected of having committed a hooligan act on June 27, 2020, involving participation in a crowd, brutal attack on an activist of the Pro Life Foundation and destruction of property belonging to the foundation. The same person who was the perpetrator of the desecration of the figure of Christ arrested. According to the prosecutor’s office, Michał Sz. – introducing himself as Małgorzata Sz. “Margot” – suspected of committing a hooligan act involving participation in a crowd, brutal attack on a pro-life activist and destruction of property belonging to the foundation. It is about the events of June 27 this year. Such an act is punishable by up to 5 years imprisonment. The court imposed a two-month pre-trial detention against him on Friday, allowing for the prosecutor’s complaint. In mid-July, according to the court’s decision against Sz. police supervision and a guarantee in the amount of PLN 7 thousand were applied zł.

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