There is a little vacation – you can save a lot of money when you shower

There is a little vacation
You can save a lot of money when you take a shower

By Axel Witte

Before the day really begins, many people need to take a shower. Gladly also extensively. Which is good, but it has to be paid dearly. Because where you consume more, you pay more. If you accelerate here, you can save a surprising amount.

We now know that with a lot of small adjustments, electricity and heating costs can be significantly reduced. It is clear where you can consume more and where you can save. This is most evident when it comes to personal hygiene, that is, when taking a shower, like that Stiftung Warentest discovery. Whenever electricity is converted into heat, consumption is also high.

Then, of course, the duration of the shower, the water consumption and the water temperature are also important. It is also known that taking a shower is cheaper than taking a full bath in the tub. At least if you don’t shower for too long. Regardless, daily whole body cleansing is unnecessary for hygienic reasons. Furthermore, this also means stress for the skin.

We stay in the shower. The testers entered the wet cell with a family of three samples. Like many households, it heats hot water electrically with a continuous-flow water heater. To calculate the energy costs, Warentest assumed an electricity price of EUR 0.34 per kilowatt hour and a gas price of EUR 0.15 per kilowatt hour. With prices currently on the rise, savings are likely to be even higher.

Save 2633 kilowatt hours of electricity

Before it gets wet, an inexpensive shower head was purchased. The purchase costs are around 15 to 50 euros. The family now uses only 7 liters of water per minute instead of 14 liters in the shower. Nobody should be under a trickle. The head saver uses various techniques, such as mixing the air under the jet to create a pleasant shower sensation. The new shower head alone saves 1,463 kilowatt hours of electricity per year, as the instant water heater has to heat less water. This alone leads to savings of almost 500 euros per year.

Instead of the previous ten minutes, showers will only take six minutes in the future. This reduces electricity consumption by 1170 kilowatt hours per year. Equally impressive are the numbers Consumer Centerwho opened the shower bill for singles. Based on this, only by reducing the shower time from 10 to 5 minutes can save around 300 euros.

It also makes sense to lower the temperature a bit. If each of the three families takes a shower one degree colder, 108 kilowatt hours can be booked on the credit side.

In total, the family saves 2,633 kilowatt hours of electricity per year. This reduces the electricity costs of the instantaneous water heater by around 707 euros. But even those who heat water with gas can significantly reduce consumption with these tips. Data from the consumer advice center also demonstrate this. If you shower here for only 5 minutes instead of 10, you save almost 250 euros per year.

Important: The preset maximum water temperature should not be below 60 degrees, at least for water reserve systems. Because at these temperatures harmful bacteria, legionella, die. Bacteria find ideal growing conditions at temperatures between 25 and 45 degrees Celsius. At water temperatures above 55 degrees, germ growth is inhibited according to the RKI. At over 60 degrees, germs die. Once the bacteria are there, they enter the airways with the first jet of water, finely atomized – in the bathroom, in the kitchen and wherever the tap is turned on. In the case of domestic hot water heating using instantaneous electric water heaters or gas boilers without a connected storage tank, it is sufficient to adjust the appliances to 40 degrees.

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