There is a difference in the story between the series and the novel Kites Break, Mommy ASF: That’s Not My Story Page all

JAKARTA,– Novelist Kite Broken Mommy ASF or Eca Prasetya denied the news that said the series Layangan Putus was a true story of him.

Indeed, since it was made into a serial, many have compared the story in it with the real life story of Mommy ASF.

Not even a few are trying to find out who Aris and Lydia are in the real world.

As is known, before the novel was made, the story of Layangan Putus had already been uploaded by Mommy ASF on Facebook and finally went viral.

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So many think that the story is based on Mommy ASF’s personal experience.

But apparently, Mommy ASF emphasized that the story that was made into a serial was not the same as in the novel.

“Actually from my own side I never said that true story,” said Mommy ASF quoted from YouTube The Sungkars.

“But if the serial is different from the novel,” he continued.

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His belief that there is no similarity in the series and the novel was also obtained when MD Entertainment invited him to see the first episode.

According to him, the series is thick with infidelity, while this is not the case in the novel.

“Maybe the essence is that they are the same. The essence of both is possible,” said Mommy ASF.

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“But for the serial, it seems the affair is really thick,” he added.

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The woman who works as a veterinarian even admitted that she did not interfere in writing the script for the series Layagan Putus.

Eca thought that from the beginning the MD might only be inspired by the story in the novel or maybe just take the title.

“From the start, MD asked for permission, actually the story was different. Well, if it was brought up, the story was different, okay,” said Mommy ASF.

“I’m just helping to clarify that it’s not my story,” he continued.

Meanwhile, regarding the curiosity of many people about his personal life since the series was popular, Eca or Mommy ASF then gave a wise response.

“I can’t control their thoughts, their response. I’ve given clarification,” said Mommy ASF.

“If, for example, they are thinking everywhere, I just pray that they will end up fighting each other,” he continued.

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