“There are two phenomenal players in Napoli”

Antonio Cassanoformer striker of Inter and Sampdoria among others, he commented on the victory of the Naples to the detriment of Milan. Here is what is highlighted:

“Milan-Napoli was a super match, a commercial for this championship because we saw two teams with courage, personality and playing a football that I like. Napoli played a very good game, in particular way Kvaratskelia And Lobotka: two phenomenal players. And then Spalletti is brilliant and has put Simeone that solved the game for him.

PHOTO: Getty – Milan Naples

Napoli play well even if they didn’t deserve the victory. Milan played a great game, they took two bars and twice Meret made two huge saves. In my opinion Milan deserved something more but then in those matches the gap is small and the episodes make the difference. Milan proved to be a great team then Leao’s absence was felt very much. But I repeat, Milan deserved something more and not defeat“.

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