There are injuries after the shooting in the village in the Karviná region

The area is closed. The intervention unit searched the house where the shooting was reported before eight o’clock. There were supposed to be guns in the house.

There was a shooting in Dolní Lutyň in the Karviná region tonight. In this context, the police detained one person. Following this event, people are being evacuated on the spot due to a possible gas leak.

According to Polar TV, the shooter was driving in front of the police and they were shooting at him. He was caught in Bohumín. Television said the police were helped by the suspect’s brother, who indicated where he might be. Police found him injured at Lake Kalisz.

“Police detained one suspect in connection with this act, which resulted in personal injury. The police also secured the weapon, “said police spokeswoman Soňa Štětínská.

“Currently we have a detained suspect from the shooting. We are not looking for anyone else. We will only unravel the circumstances under which the shooting took place,” Regional Police Director Tomáš Kužel told Novinky, who arrived at the scene in person.

In the evening, the police announced on Twitter that the intervention was still not over, because gas may be leaking in the area. “Following this event (shooting), people are being evacuated on the spot due to a possible gas leak,” police said.

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