There are already a thousand patients with covid in hospitals, they limit other care somewhere

During this week, the growth in the number of new diagnoses slowed down, a record in the number of new additions (over three thousand) was set in mid-September.

It was the growth in the number of hospitalized and dead that was the main reason for declaring a state of emergency. “High numbers of newly infected people generate high numbers of hospitalized people. The onslaught on beds with oxygen and lung ventilation is increasing. The number of deaths is also increasing, “warned the Minister of Health Roman Prymula (for YES).

The reproductive number, which shows how many one patient is infected, is currently 1.24. The aim of repressive measures is to bring it below number one.

The planned procedures from next week will be limited to a month by the Prague Motol Hospital.

In the Zlín Region, patients with covid began to receive other hospitals in addition to the facilities in Uherské Hradiště, where only the most serious cases will go. It was originally set aside for patients with covid, but its capacity began to be filled.

“People whose disease requires hospitalization will no longer be directed only to the Uherské Hradiště Hospital. Standard patients with covid are already being admitted to hospitals in Zlín, Vsetín and Kroměříž, where we have already set aside one 15-bed station for this care, “said Radomír Maráček, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Zlín Region Hospitals.

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