There are advances in the Ayotzinapa case, but the truth is missing: lawyer – Eleven News

The lawyer for the parents of the 43 missing normalistas from Ayotzinapa, Vidulfo Rosales, ruled that this case has yet to be resolved, as stated by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

In an interview with Once Noticias, the litigant pointed out that until now there is no certainty about what happened to the students, there are, he said, lines of investigation, but no scientific truth about the case.

“We do not have evidence that indicates that the case is already resolved, at least they have not given us that information, we do not have that evidence and we do not find it in the file either,” he said.

And it is that in the morning conference last Thursday, June 30, the president said that he was already aware of what happened between September 26 and 27, 2014, in Guerrero.

“-Are you close to the truth?- Yes. We already know what happened; We are missing some things to complement it, because remember that it is also a judicial process in which you can have evidence, but you have to certify it, validate it according to procedures. We already have a lot of progress, which is one of the commitments I made and I have not been able to fulfill,” the president replied.

In the opinion of the litigant, what the Federal Government intends with these statements is to advance a conclusion without there being elements for it and to establish a political position regarding the case.

“The progress made by the Government will be interpreted as the solution of the case and the delivery of the truth to the victims, which seems to us to be extremely serious,” express.

Rosales Sierra added that for now the only information that is available is the testimony of a protected witness who affirms that the 43 young people were murdered, divided into three groups and the remains dumped in three places, one of them known as the Barranca de la Carnicería, where 900 bone remains were located, two of which were identified.

The lawyer also pointed out that the information given to the next of kin on the status of the investigations is not enough to conclude this case, since it is a line of investigation based on testimony and some other peripheral evidence.

“That is to say, this line of investigation and these advances that the Government has today are not enough to constitute the truth, they are not enough to say, it has already been resolved and we already know what happened, it is insufficient, rather it is a position government policy”, he pointed.

Vidulfo Rosales added that affirming the fate of the normalistas “reissues a political position once again.”

“It seems delicate to us, that it seems serious to us So we do recognize that there has been progress by this Government, that there have been investigations, that there have been searches, that there continue to be, it seems important to us, but we are concerned that a definitive conclusion is being advanced without there being conclusive elements without indubitable scientific evidence. that they so indicate”, projection.

In addition, he expressed that the parents of the 43 normalistas do not need speculation, but certainties of the case, despite acknowledging that there is progress in the case, “but it is not enough to tell the truth.”

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