There are 7,797 new cases, 574 dead


Number of positive confirmed cases COVID-19 in Indonesia increased by 7,797 on Friday (3/9/2021). The total positive cases so far have been recorded at 4,116,890, recovered 3,813,643, died 134,930.

Additional details coronavirus case today is as follows, as quoted from the official website of the Ministry of Health on Friday (3/9/2021).

  • Positive cases increase by 7,797 to 4,116,890
  • Recovered patients increased by 25,544 to 3,813,643
  • Patients died increased by 574 to 134,930

Earlier on Thursday (2/9/2021), a total of 4,109,093 positive cases were recorded corona virus COVID-19. The total recovered were 3,798,099 cases and 134,356 cases died.

(fds / fds)



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