Theodor Litt School is involved in the “European Week of Sports”

Around ten to 15 classes took part in numerous daily sports projects in addition to their regular physical education classes. 1500 students and teachers took part in the action.

For one week, students and teachers from the Theodor Litt School take part in the “European Week of Sport”.
(Photo: Theodor Litt School)

GIESSEN – (red). The Theodor Litt School recently called for the “European Week of Sport”, an initiative of the European Commission against inactivity. In addition to their regular sports lessons, around ten to 15 classes took part in the daily sports projects around the Schwanenteich, on the school grounds, on the Blau-Weiß sports field, the TSG Wieseck sports field or on the grounds of the Ringallee outdoor pool, which SWG operates throughout the week had made available. Every day, people paddled on the Lahn, hiked on signposted routes, pulled out the school’s bikes, held Scottish highland games, played fire ball, volleyball and streetball and, on a few days, with the street workout team Gießen, TV Hüttenberg or TSG Wieseck set a few training highlights. In between, a kind of digital scavenger hunt, tennis, a five-kilometer run and acrobatics ensured a lot of fun for the participants. At the end of the week, the Theodor Litt School had moved around 1,500 students and teachers.



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