Then he met Kamal, sir, after five years, and then told him not to pass the exam – Shine Tom Chacko

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Then he met Kamal sir after five years, and then told him to fail the exam: Shine Tom Chacko

Shine Tom Chacko comes to theaters after working as an assistant director on director Kamal’s films. Today he has become a committed actor in Malayalam. Shine Tom Chacko shares the experience of asking Kamal for a cinematic opportunity when he was in standard seventh. In an interview with India Glitz Malayalam as part of the promotion of her new film Vichithar, Shine shared her past experiences.

“The family of the lord of Kamal and my family were in adjacent complexes. The desire to act in the film is increasing in this way. Azhakia Ravana was released at that time. I am studying in 7a norm. The school of the lord of Kamal will have some space for the children. That day, my father had tetanus from a toenail. My father told me to call Kamal sir. So I went with my mother to meet the gentleman.

So we want to act in movies. The director is completely close. I’m telling mom to tell the gentleman. Amma said you said you want to act. I said sir, I want to act in movies. I am very serious. You know what a seventh grade guy would feel when he says it. The gentleman laughed, took the car and drove away.

I had to wait another five years to see Sir again. At that moment the gentleman said that he had to go and write the exam. So after the exam plus two I didn’t go to ask sir. I went directly to the place and said: Sir, I have arrived. Kamal’s lord asked if he called you and told you to come. I also said that Sir Varana said no. “There is no fulfillment without a bang,” Shine said.

Vichitram will be released on October 14th. The film is directed by Achu Vijayan. The film is produced by Dr Ajith Jo and Achu Vijayan under the Joy Movie Productions banner. Other characters are played by Lal, Balu Varghese, Jolly Chirayat, Kani Kushmi, Ketaki Narayan. Nikhil Ravindran wrote the film.

Featured content: Shine Tom Chacko shares the experience of asking Kamal for a chance when he was in standard seventh

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