Theaters on Broadway will remain closed until the end of May 2021

Manhattan’s Broadway Boulevard, home to the world‘s most famous theaters, will not let spectators into their halls until May 2021. The announcement comes just a day after Governor Andrew Cuomo quarantined other parts of the city.

The theaters have been closed + for seven months now and the latest decision is the fourth postponement of the opening. Originally, the audience was to return on June 7, then on September 6, and then on January 3. Popular productions on Broadway include musicals such as the Phantom of the Opera, Hamilton and The Lion King.

For New York, this means a loss of up to $ 14.8 billion (338 billion crowns), which the city collects thanks to the activities of theaters. At the same time, up to 97,000 people who employ theaters will be left without work.

It is not yet clear when the coronavirus will raise the curtains. The unions, together with the producers, are trying to ensure adequate conditions for safe opening. Organizations representing actors are urging lawmakers to include loans to the cultural section among the next wave of government support.

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