The Zenpark app available in Rouen to facilitate parking

Since 2018, l’application Zenpark can be used in Rouen. Objective: to allow motorists to use existing parking spaces, but underutilized, and to share them at a lower cost. CEO and co-founder of the app, William Rosenfeld, came up with the idea « during a dinner at a friend’s house in Paris, after several tens of minutes wasted trying to park. However, my friend’s building housed a company car park whose spaces were free in the evening ». Zenpark allows today « to resolve this antagonism » between saturated surface parking and many vacant underground spaces in the private park.

Savings of around 50 %

The application works with “private” car parks, companies, social landlords, hotels, administrations or even service residences … « Any car park with free or underutilized spaces that could be used for motorists or motorcyclists, whether in the city center or on the outskirts, near a train station or residential areas to meet all needs in parking », abstract William Rosenfeld.

In Rouen, Caen and Le Havre, Zenpark works, for example, with landlords Immobilière Basse Seine, Habitat 76, and Keys student residences. Already, « more than 5,000 motorists have used Zenpark in Normandy, mainly in Rouen, for monthly rental or hourly parking ».

And the economy is indeed there. « On average, we are 50 % cheaper than on the street or in public car parks. In Rouen, for example, our prices start at 40 cents for an hour, 4 € for 24 hours of parking, while parking in the hyper center is billed at 1.80 € for one hour and limited to two hours of parking, and 1.20 € in “medium term” zone with a limit of four hours ».

The instructions are simple: after downloading the application (free) Zenpark, you must choose a date, and a time of arrival and departure (a few hours or a monthly rental), the size of the vehicle. The system offers one or more parking solutions. Once the payment has been made, all you have to do on the said day is to go to the car park and open the barrier with your phone, which becomes a key. A 100% contactless parking rather welcome in this period of Covid-19.

Today, present in 200 cities in France, the application also makes it possible to reduce CO² emissions since motorists no longer turn around for hours to find a place.

Let us recall that in Rouen, the two automatic reading cars (Lapi) of the City draw up approximately 15,000 infractions each month, or an average of approximately 600 per working day!


Zenpark regularly signs new agreements with private car parks. In Rouen, among the parking places it offers, we can mention “Europe rue d’Elbeuf”, Mont-Riboudet Kindarena, Pasteur Madeleine, place Carnot Lessard, and rue de Bammeville.

Zenpark in France and Belgium, there are 1,000 car parks in operation, and 400 000 users. Its founders estimate at 3 500 tonnes of CO² less released each year thanks to the reduction in traffic and waiting times.

More informations :

Easier access to the Docks 76 car park

The Zenpark app available in Rouen to facilitate parking

The new system works without a ticket. (Photo DR)

The Zenpark app available in Rouen to facilitate parking

The new system works without a ticket. (Photo DR)

Another innovation, less spectacular but very practical, for those used to Docks 76: the shopping center has just acquired a new access system to its parking lot. In place for two weeks,
« it aims to facilitate circulation », inside, explains Audrey Anne, the director of the center.

Thanks to the automatic reading of license plates, the technology allows you to enter without taking a ticket, the barrier rises on approach. Ditto at the exit, if you have not exceeded the three-hour free mark, all you have to do is advance to the barrier which will rise without any action on your part. Otherwise, payment will be requested by credit card as before.

Customers who prefer to pay the parking fees before getting back in their vehicle can always use the new terminals at the entrance to the car park, for example to pay in cash.

In those early days, the technology was still adjusting.
« We really test the system to make sure it works well for Christmas », says Audrey Anne.
Speed ​​bumps must be installed at the exits to allow the cameras to properly capture the plates.

A new system
« more practical » designed
« to save time » in a car park known for its large congestion on busy days.
« We do not plan to modify the circuit [le sens de circulation, NDLR]
inside, but signage will be improved in 2021. »

Another scheduled novelty
« for the first trimester 2021 » : access to the car park for subscribers at any time of the night. The Docks 76 hope to seduce residents of the Luciline in need of parking.
« We have some work to do to secure and dedicate pedestrian access only to subscribers at night », concludes Audrey Anne.


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