The ZDF goes crazy! Another crime series …

By Björn Strauss

Munich / Breisgau – Thrillers have a good status with the public broadcasters: According to the new ARD “Passau-Krimi“who with bombsOdds started, now put the ZDF after: Zack, there’s a new crime series. The station is currently producing the “Breisgau-Krimi”. This brings a new investigator into play!

Dennis Danzeisen (Joscha Kiefer, 37) and Tanja Wilken (Katharina Nesytowa, 35) stand in front of the camera for a pilot film. © ZDF / Barbara Bauriedl

The pilot film for the planned ZDF Saturday crime series “Breisgau – Bullenstall” is currently being produced in Freiburg im Breisgau, Munich and the surrounding area, according to the ZDF.

In addition to Katharina Nesytowa (35) as chief detective, the ensemble includes Joscha Kiefer, Johanna Gastdorf, Vita Tepel, Daniel Friedl, Julia Jenkins, Valentin Erb, Rüdiger Klink and many others. Thomas Jauch (62, ua “Nord Nord Mord”, “Tatort”),.

Where do you go? From north to south – because the Rostock investigator Tanja Wilken (Katharina Nesytowa, Fans know her from “Stralsund-Krimi”, “Die Bossin”, “Helen Dorn” or numerous “SOKOs”) can be transferred to the Freiburg homicide squad.

No TV investigator without any problems of her own: she needs distance from her criminal father. Is this long distance enough to breathe a sigh of relief?

The “new one” was in front of the camera in many crime novels: Katharina Nesytowa, (35, right) here in “Last Trace Berlin”. © ZDF / Oliver Feist

Tanja, however, comes from bad to worse. Her first case puts her in a moral dilemma: the death of a reporter researching corruption in the police environment …

In the crosshairs of the journalist was Tanja’s new investigative partner, Chief Detective Dennis Danzeisen (Joscha Kiefer, 37, “Alarm for Cobra 11”, SOKO Munich “,” Der Bergdoktor “).

After all, he comes from a widespread family of police officers in Freiburg: The area is run by Dennis’ aunt (wonderful: Johanna Gastdorf, 61, “Friesland”, “Commissioner Heller”) directed. A cousin and a cousin are additional police chief inspectors, other Danzeisens work in forensic medicine and forensic technology …

Phew How can the new one come up against this “police clan”?

The shooting will last until November 4, 2020. A broadcast date has not yet been set.

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